Tower Cranes

Pro-Lifting UK boast the most experience lift and shift division in the country meaning we can deliver a safe and practical solution to all of your machinery and heavy equipment moving requirements.

All tower cranes consist of the same basic parts:

  • The base is bolted to a large concrete pad that supports the crane.
  • The base connects to the mast (or tower), which gives the tower crane its height.
  • Attached to the top of the mast is the slewing unit — the gear and motor — that allows the crane to rotate: On top of the slewing unit are three main parts:
    • Front Jib
    • Back Jib
    • A Frame

Need competitive lifting service?

It really is dependent on the construction site restraints and the heights of the buildings as this will dictate the type, size and number of tower cranes that would be utilised.

Seeking specialist consultancy at the early stages of a project is vital to ensure the best crane selection, allowing for site restraints and productivity.
Managing the process and ensuring all legal requirements are met is also crucial at the early stages of your project.

Hiring a Tower Crane

Most construction companies hire their tower cranes from reputable crane companies. Pro-Lifting UK Ltd have long term relationships with some of the leading crane suppliers in the country. As part of Pro-Lifting’s service, we provide the hire of all types of tower cranes to the construction industry at very competitive rates. Our Lifting Management Package means that when you hire a crane from Pro-Lifting UK Ltd you get pre construction consultancy, crane hire and ongoing lifting management from lifting experts for the duration of your project.

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