Who Is Pro-Lifting UK

Our mission is to lead the lifting industry by being innovative in areas of communication, support, collaboration and cooperation by introducing systems to simplify the process and creating a culture where everyone knows that it is ok to put safety first and still be productive.
If we can get everyone communicating without fear of judgement or ridicule about safe lifting operations “how to” and “how not to” and create a culture where everyone looks out for everyone else, we believe with the right systems in place simplifying the communication process this will give confidence to those involved in lifting operations to work better and be better.
We can promise that if you can convince your people “Project Managers, Site Managers” to cooperate with our lifting team that we can set a precedence from the very beginning of a project so we work as a team then when contractors/sub-contractors arrive on site to carry out their works there is already a standard in place supported by the Principal Contractor and Pro-Lifting UK Ltd that must be adhered to and will actually make site safer and more productive. This can and will happen if everyone collaborates and communicates with integrity.